Who will you be in Area 51 raid?

It is a global phenomena by now, and you have probably already heard about it, the ever prevalent meme about "storming Area 51 on 20th of September". While other sources may cover practical information such as how to get there, or the history behind the meme and what led up to its widespread appeal, in this post I shall focus on the details of the very raid itself. Who will be there, what roles can be expected. You can find your own role!

So the original battle plan, possibly originating from reddit looks like this:

From this plan it immediately becomes obvious who taking part in the raid (with some crucial omissions that we have mended in the table below) We have the following warrior classes:

Warrior class Description

 Anti-Vaxxer Kid (AVK)
Anti-Vaxx kids are the unfortunate children of exceptionally low-IQ parents who shorten their life-span by not offering them vaccinations. The result are highly volatile biological war-heads, ready to burst into germ infected explosions at any moment. Beware their lifespan may be limited.
  • Special ability: Biological warfare
  • War cry: Who wants to live forever!

 Armed to Teeth (AtT)
Armed to the Teeth are a special group of people that are pro-gun. Usually north american in origin, these individuals are known for their amazing selection of guns.
  • Special ability: Total carnage
  • War cry: Murchaaa!

 Crack Head (CH)
Crack heads are similar to Anti-Vaxx Kids in that they were often neglected by their parents, however, they wer allowed to be vaccinated. Instead of deadly bio-hazards, the Crack Heads instead sport an unhealthy doze of chemical goodness.
  • Special ability: Chemical warfare
  • War cry: Ceci n'est pas une pipe

 Creepa (Cr)
Creepas are the demolition experts that often take it one to far. On top of this they are stealth experts. Silent but deadly.
  • Special ability: Stealth bomber
  • War cry: Awww man!

 Furry (Fu)
Furries are our soft friends. The comfort you in your hour of need. Wit htheir perky ears and fluffy tails, you will always feel comfortable.
  • Special ability: Fluffyness
  • War cry: I am feeling feral today!

 Karen (Ka)
Karens are the managers. Wherever they go, they demand to speak with the managers. They are the embodiment of female power combined with stubborn know-it-all attitude. They are also the greatest source of Kyles we know.
  • Special ability: Management
  • War cry: I want to see the manager

 Kyle (Ky)
Kyle is the ofspring of Karen. Younger, dumber and also male (coincidence? I think not). The excel at breaking through dry wall and chugging monster energy drinks.Kyle will also bring a lot to the table in terms of fashion.
  • Special ability: Breaching through dry wall
  • War cry: Bro, you got vape?

 Naruto Runner (NR)
Naruto Runners are anime powered weebs ready to run at eye-watering speeds. With their signature stance with arms flailing helplessly backwards in the wind, they can reach never before seen speeds and take the enemy completely by surprise.
  • Special ability: Lightening speed
  • War cry: Giddyup!

 Rest of Us (RoU)
The rest of us is literally the rest of us. For lack fo a better name, that is what we are called. Yes, that means you an me. What role we play is not really clear.
  • Special ability: Selfies
  • War cry: Can I go now?

 Rick Roller (RR)
Rick Rollers will never give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.
  • Special ability: Emotional support
  • War cry: Never gonna give you up!

 Rock Thrower (RT)
Rock Throwers are, like the name suggests, participants that rely on throwing rocks as their primary weapon.
  • Special ability: Momentarily defying gravity
  • War cry: Take this!

So now that you know which warrior classes exist, you may very well decide for yourself, in which camp do you belong? What is your calling?